Hataka Lacquer Thinner Substitute

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Anyone know of a recommendation for a suitable substitute for Hataka Lacquer Thinner? I just got the Japanese Armor (lacquer) paint set from Hataka, but the seller didn’t stock any lacquer thinner and I’ve searched many on-line stores. I’d like to find a substitute for Hataka Lacquer thinner if possible. I’ve checked out a number of YouTube videos, but couldn’t find any answers.

Any help is most appreciated!

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This link appears to have it.

Hataka-Hobby, HTK-XP03-Lacquer-Thinner

Thank you. I would have thought the few US suppliers of Hataka would also carry the thinners as well.

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try sprue bros. i got my thinner from them. only place i can find individual bottles.


Maybe regular hardware store lacquer thinner,it works on Tamiya and AK-Real

Thanks for the responses, guys. I’ll give it a go.