Have added some tags for topics

And potentially others as well of course. Tagging should be an easy way to filter topics inside of a category like breaking out Japanese axis topics from German, Italian, etc.

The tags are great-britain, usa, france, italy, germany, japan, canada, australia at the moment. More can be added as needed if you are trust level 2(?) or higher.

If we had topics organized in this way we might even merge the Armorama Axis/Allied categories into one, as obviously some of them get a bit confusing depending on dates, etc.



I have also added “blog” as a tag. Might be useful for finding those as well.



Cool thanks!

Interesting. I noted that folks adding new features have been picking multiple categories (scale, mfgr, period, etc) and somehow the features get classed as News! Presumably new articles should have only one main category, with the rest added as tags?

Tom - This is in reference to tags here on the forums, not the categories on the content sites.

The software on both systems has categories (which are the forums here) and tags. The items on the content site you’re referring to are the categories. And yes I have a topic in the staff forum about adding some new ones there.

Their is a fundamental issue with the content sites in the way he created the different article types.

They were:

  • news
  • list
  • poll
  • videos

I have changed those around to read:

  • articles
  • photos
  • poll
  • videos

Which is why the URL for a feature article has ‘news’ in it and for photos it has ‘list’.