Have Glass F16CJ

I planing on digging out one of my old Hasagawa Block 50 F16CJ I am planning on putting the sniper XR pod in the right side of the intake and the AN/ASQ- 213 harm targeting pod on the left side but there lies the problem the harm pod in the kit is set up for the right side not the left the only option for the the left handed harm targeting pod is Hasagawa’s US aricraft weapons set E and everyplace I look is out of stock or discontinued are there any resin options ?

Tanknick, let me check my stash. I might have that set tucked away in there somewhere. I don’t really do much in the way of aircraft anymore so you are welcome to it, if I have it. Just to confirm: which scale?


1 48 scale

Ah. Pretty sure what i have is 72nd scale, but I will check when i get home from work.


i sent you a pm with a pic if that helps

Sorry, Nick. That’s not one of the sets in my stash.


Hi Tanknick, stumbled straight into your thread after seeing the title. I happen to have spare HARM Pods, from the Kinetic Kit in 1/48

are they for the left side of the F-16 intake?

On the sprue are 2 for the Right side, one for the left.

Thats awesome ill take them

ty for all your assistance