Have model, I'm back - Chieftain build

Managed to get some kit together, 3 months twitching sorted now.


Looks to be a cold model area?

It is on a canal boat,
that’s our home till we Sell our house, and are able to buy our work building, that we are renting at the minute, will come with a flat when we own it.


Frank, that’s a fine kit you got there! And a canal boat sounds fun, but maybe not in this weekend’s cold snap…

That is cool!
Mobile Modeling Center!

The wind attack last night, through use around a bit,
lost some rubbish overboard, TV aerial dropped down.

Cool, post a photo of the boat!

Bit dark at the minute,
there is one on here from when it was out, earlier this year.

Still a lot of work to be done with paint, and a few other things.


Thats pretty cool looking.
We don’t have that in the States that I’m aware off.

Nice, a sidewalk and benches right out front. Best part is no mowing.

The down side is, we have to move every 2 weeks in winter, Sumner time, there is less time in good locations (24 or 72 hours) Countyside, is 2 weeks, in different post codes areas.
It is a different pace of life, at 4 miles an hour,
it’s mind boggling you can travel for 1 week contouring the hills and only be 1 hour from your house.:sweat_smile:

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Some more work


Why are their so many canals in the area?

Is this from a period of time with few roads?

The short version

British canals started as the 18th century’s version of long-distance trucking - with barges able to carry far more than any horse-drawn cart. It was an era before the invention of trains, and when roads were little more than muddy tracks. As the industrial revolution led to the development of factories that needed tons of raw materials and shipped out tons of product, the canal network developed to support it. Nowadays of course things move by road and rail, so canals have turned into scenic waterways for pleasure cruising. I’m not sure if anywhere else got as big into canals as the UK - other than Venice obviously!

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Your quick, at typing😅

Yes, but as every key-slinger knows, there’s always somebody faster out there… :grin:

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