Heading to the Scrap Yard!! The Deutsche Reichsbahn's Class 52 | RailRoad Modeling

Jean-Marie Bruggheman presents his stunning work on the DRB Class 52. The Deutsche Reichsbahn's Class 52 is a German steam locomotive built in large numbers during the Second World War. It was the most produced type of the so-called Kriegslokomotiven or Kriegsloks (war locomotives). Class 52 was a wartime development of the pre-war DRG Class 50, using fewer parts and less expensive materials to speed production.

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The weathering is great on the loc, it is a pitty that the BR-52 was never in black over red during the war. Only after the war, were they painted that way. During the war they were all in German grey…

So Hobby Boss got it wrong as well ?


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Yes, the same as Trumpeter (not surprising, as it is the same company)…
I’ve been digging into this quite extensively…


Very nice locomotive. The fallen leaves really set it off, too. A book that came out a few years ago about Krieglokos wrote that for camouflage, they used luftwaffe colors. If I recall, book stated that Goering had control over German railways, so it fell under Luftwaffe oversight.

I never heard of the Reichsbahn being controlled by the Luftwaffe. What I read is that, during the war (from 1937 on) it was controlled directly by the Reichsverkehrsministerium (ministery of traffic).

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I’m completely confident that you are correct. After I get moved and unpacked, I’ll try to find that locomotive book and find what it said about the Luftwaffe’s connection to the erv. Maybe it was just that they provided the paint?

I would be delighted to be enlightened…

Hi Erwin, I found my book End of the Line - German & French Railway at the End of WW II.

It does not state that the luftwaffe had some sort of control of the German railways, as I mistakenly recalled. What it says is that the railroads consulted with the luftwaffe for camouflage colors and patterns that would make the trains less conspicuous from the air.

Sorry for the erroneous information on my part.


No worries… If I had been wrong, that wouldn’t be a problem either. Just educational for me.
It seems logical that the Reichsbahn consulted with the Luftwaffe for camo. That would only work when stationary btw, as a train on the move usually leaves a loooong trail of smoke…:smiley: