Headlight bezel tinting

I am building the Hasegawa FW 190/ BMW 327 kits and was admiring Jean Luc Formery’s build of this classic. I noticed that he seemed to have tinted the headlights in a shade of yellow. I like the look of it but am not sure if this was done for accuracy or if it accents the headlights more. I plan to coat the interior bezel with Molotow chrome and than install the clear lens but could tint the lens if this was more accurate for a headlight in the 1930’s. Pretty nitpicky I know but we modelers get that way!! Any suggestions regarding this?

If Jean-Luc built his as a French owned car taken/requisitioned/stolen by the Luftwaffe …

This one was originally sold to Switzerland, don’t know when/why the yellow extra lights were mounted.
The main headlights are clear though …

“Modern” BMW with yellow headlights

Tamiya Clear Yellow works a treat for a tint like that.

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Apply the paint on the inside surface of the clear part.
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Thanks for the information regarding France’s yellow headlight policy. Never knew that. The picture of Pips Priller with a BMW 327 and His FW 190 was supposedly a staged promotional Ad by BMW for their cars so I doubt it was a captured vehicle. Without any information to support tinting the headlights I believe I should leave them clear. Thanks again!

Thanks for the tip

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Thanks for your input!