Heavy Construction Container Transport Diorama

Ok guys! Here are photos of the diorama I had been working on. I am still trying to add a detail here and there. I am also trying to order some better looking figures than the ones I have on hand, whose details are not the best. But the ones I have on hand will have to do until I get some better ones. I do not want to clutter the area with too much, as it will look too cumbersome. Also, the scene doesn’t really require many things to be everywhere, in most real world scenarios.

The theme of this diorama is simple. The heavy forklift is pushing a front loader, whose part as been disassembled to be able to fit into a container for transport to a customer across country. The removed parts will also be placed inside the same container along with other Machine bound for another destination. That is the basic theme for this diorama.

Hope you guys like it.


I like what you have done but why not use a flat bed to transport?

I was going to ask the same thing… Isnt a lowboy the standard transport for that type of equipment? But beyond that, a fantastic diorama… your weathering of the concrete is amazing…

It does look great. I was thinking the same as the others though; why in a container and not a lowboy?

Sorry guys. It’s suppose to be for export. That was my initial thought but then decided on export instead.


I love it! Great concept and coming together beautifully. The difficulty of disassembling and packing away the front-end loader comes across very well, I can imaging this happening where the equipment is required on an offshore island where road/ferry access can’t happen.

Looking forward to more progress reports.

Cheers, D

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Thank you kindly.

I kitbashed/scratch built a mobile trailer caddy unit for the trailer. Since I am not able to put a tractor in front of the trailer, I thought it would make an interesting eye candy for the viewer and for the scene as a whole. There are different weight variations of these units. I decided to go with one that would almost handle the weight of this trailer in case the the landing legs would give way.

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Maybe, since this is still in-progress, consider some banding and blocking to secure the loads on the pallets further suggesting that the shipment is going on a long journey instead of just up the road a ways(?). The tire stack and smaller components are not going to stay on their pallets the first time the container is lifted off the trailer. The receiver is not going to be happy when his new-used loader arrives with any damage!

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The tyres are just temporary placed as they were removed and at a workshop before moving to the loading site. I understand viewers do not see the artist vision so I can understand all the proposed suggestions. :wink: thanks, I am aware of all of them. :slight_smile: Appreciate it your input. The tyres will be pressed up against the machine, if possible, and container wall. The other details will be decided by the crew as they go along.

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WRT using a lowboy vs. a container: my first thought, when I saw your dio, was “gee, they put just about anything in a container!”

Keep up the good work!

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Yep! At first I didn’t believe it until i saw photos… There are some impressive clips on Utube about shipping excavators and such in a container. Well, they can’t use a lowboy, if they are shipping out of the continent. :wink: