Heavy Hobby... anyone have any experience or thoughts on this supplier?

Hi all, as the title suggests, im interested to know if anyone has any thoughts or experience with Heavy Hobby as a supplier? They provide a variety of 3D Printed upgrade parts, seem to have quite a catalogue going.

I have found that not all 3D printed parts are created equally… some things I have had are terrible… some are great…

Link to their website below


I had the same thought and ordered one of their smaller sets to see what the quality is.
Time will tell

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Hi @Dan, once you get your hands on the items purchased, let us know your thoughts? Keen to see someone’s findings, and actual product photos. There really has been an explosion of different manufacturers offering 3D printed accessories lately!

Very interested, subscribed.

Have you received the products now?

Not yet

I got a couple of their sets and can say that they are quite good. Got wintwerketten for the kettenkrad, a normal set of tracks for the kettenkrad, panther A tool holders printed with tools in place, panther cleaning rod tubes and fire extinguishers. The individual tracks are nicely printed, flexible (won’t break easily) and they fit together easy. 4 sets of thirty links each, 2 for left 2 for right side and new sprockets. The quality of the detail is amazing. there are no instructions of any kind, but everything is self explanatory. These are the best 3d printed pieces I got so far (compared to FC model trend, mj miniatures, T-rex and fat frog). You will not regret the purchase.


Thanks for the info @Smorchan, glowing endorsement! I shall order with confidence, thanks.

I do agree they look nice. Have you looked at Minor 3D printed tracks, especially for the smaller vehicles there is no assembly except for snapping the band together. For what I have found cheaper then Heavy Hobby as well.

Based on the glowing endorsement from @Smorchan, I ordered a set of heavy hobby tracks from hobbyeasy in China. Received yesterday.

So to answer my own original question, and backing up @Smorchan, the goods are very, very good. As good as T-Rex tracks.

They are a reasonably flexible 3D print, which is great, not too delicate / brittle.

The tracks I purchased are to go on an RFM Sturmtiger I have in the stash:

I knocked up a short run pretty quick just to see how things worked. Absolutely no clean up, no having to drill holes, went together a breeze. The connections are very free, so the tracks sag under self weight:

Pins come on a carrier, just grip the pin at the base with tweezers, twist it and it snaps off easily and cleanly, ready to use:

A++ all round. Highly recommended!


@barleeni David, thank you for the follow up & information!