Heavy Hobby RSO Detail Set | Armorama™

The new SK (Super Kit) Series brings the ultimate upgrade solutions and modelling experience, integrating 3D printed tracks, PE, detailing parts and a set of jerrycans to make your RSO much more detailed.

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Would this also work for the Das Werk RSO?

It should has the kit is a repop of Dragon or so they say.

I confirm Dragon and Das Werk are the same kit.
Changes only decals. Das Werk kit has masks for windows. I’m working to this kit at moment.


How do you like the kit?

Welcome aboard and thanks for the information. :+1:

While I won’t be building an RSO anytime soon, I do like the fact that 3D is becoming mainstream.

I’ve started Das Werk Steyr on last sunday. Plastic seems old Dragon stuff ( light grey). Is good at moment.

Interesting :thinking: I have on the bench at the moment a Sturmtiger…… wondering if it would be feasible that an RSO might have been used to resupply Sturmtigers? would make an interesting little diorama? plausible?

Bad tracks. Still no decent engine grill. Side of cargo has one solid piece of wood.
All that stuff to put on Dragon won’t change the game !
3D is no reason for producing this.