Heavy Hobby Sherman 3D track and end connectors

Just started this and am trying to figure out a efficient assembly method.



My fingertips hurt just looking at those….

Easy peasy

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My eyes are already tired…

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It really isn’t that hard and much easier than the kits original tracks.

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Heres the directions for the track. The kit comes with a rubber type track but it’s short-ok if using the skirts.
Otherwise very tedious to build and the detail on the end connectors are nothing like the 3D sets.


I think I may have spoken too soon.

All things considered, I think I like your tracks better.

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I think you’ll like these once you figure out a sequence that works for you.

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In Steve Zaloga’s book on modeling US WWII armor, he shows a home made tool that makes VVSS tracks very easy. HTH, Joel.