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Heavy Hobby has now a large range of Sherman tracks.

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What’s the mortgage payment for these little beauties??

why do they insist on using such garish clour material to make them surely black dark brown or grey would be better?

They seem fairly expensive: Workable Track T49 Track of the Sherman Tank (Plastic model) - HobbySearch Military Model Store
25-30 USD before shipping so with the shipping, 40-50 USD.
For those of you who do not know, Rogues Cove Hobby Shop (Rogues Cove Hobby Shop | eBay Stores) sells very nice 3D printed Sherman tracks at a very reasonable price. I’d definitely prefer their tracks over these HH ones. Sherman Tank Tracks -1:35 & 1:32 Scale -Several Types, with or without Duckbills | eBay

I can see all of these in the stash in the near future. But I’ll be shopping around and maybe a group buy from the local clubs to defray the shipping costs. They definitely look nice.