I am planning a scene from Israel with two vehicles. M1165 with SAMSON and Mitsubishi Pajero

Work status today


Pajero - or Montero as it’s badged here in the States. I own a 2005 and it’s never been in the shop for repair! I love that truck and have tried to get it stuck but never succeeded. I’ll never get rid of it; it still looks and runs like new. I have the kit, too. Will build it to look like mine. Yours is looking great so far! :+1:

I know Pajero cannot function in South America because in Spanish … :speak_no_evil:


oh dear … :hear_no_evil:

Oh damn…I just translated it and…you think they could have come up with a better name then THAT!!! :anguished:

International marketing is a minefield. A good name in one country could turn into a horror story in another.
A Swedish company that sold baby food in supermarkets in Sweden tried to enter the Swiss market. In Switzerland they bough baby food from the pharmacy, period. The Swedish company was seen as deeply suspicious, almost criminally negligent, for trying to sell such a sensitive product in a supermarket.
I think they had to wait ten years before trying again. Nowadays even the Swiss get their baby food from the supermarket.
Ford Pinto was sold under a different name in Brazil
Chevrolet Nova was a no-go in Spanish speaking countries
Fiat Ragata (Italian for sailing contest) was renamed Regatta in Sweden, since ragata means something like “mean bitch”
Colours can also be tricky, white is seen as a signal of purity in most parts but in Japan it has connotations to death and mourning.

SUV wip

I had a Pajero when I was living in Japan. Loved that truck!


Not many people know about the Pajero/Montero. They are built exactly like the HMMWV. 4 wheel independent suspension, locking differentials, and everything is built up into the underside of the truck. It’s got 12" of clear ground clearance and advanced stabilization control. It glides on the highway, sticks to snowy roads, and if you ever get it stuck, then wheeled vehicles just don’t belong there!

Knowing what you’ve done with other kits, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do. And yeah,
Mitsubishis are great vehicles. I’ll have to dig up the Pajero photo of the one we had in Afghanistan. It was wine red though, not white. They make pretty good trucks too. We used them exclusively in Honduras. I’d like to see a kit of one.

Here’s my 2005 Montero. Still pretty mint. The pickup version is called the Raider in the US. Same chassis.



Looking good!


Wow Piotr really looking excellent!

Im still laughing about the translation lol … I can never look at one in the same way now !!

SUV pre-finished. I started M1165- some parts replaced with photo-etched. I have also received checkpoint elements - barriers and blockades

Off to a good start. Where did you get the plaster(?) t-walls and barricades from?

Barricades and barriers are a custom product. They were made by my colleague from Forum Modelwork