Heinz Guderian, Pegaso scale 1/10

An older Pegaso bust, started last week
Still a lot of work doing the details


Impressive bust. Heinz Guderian is believed to be one of the influential figured behind the creation of the German Panzer Division and Mechanized Warfare doctrined that led to the concept of “Blitzkrieg” (Lightning War), also led the newly-formed XIX Army Corps in its invasion of Poland in 1939.

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Almost done, working on the last details.

Heinz Guderian, Pegaso, Scale 1/10

Hand painted with acrylics


Nicely done on the face there Jan. How did you go about painting the gold braid?

Start painting everything with a medium yellow, then a wash with dark ocker.
highlight with a light yellow, again a wash with lighter ocker.
Highlight the highest with broken white.

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Thanks for explaining that Jan- you have achieved a quite realistic looking finish with the braid.

Jan, that is some pretty awesome brush work, Buddy! Excellente!

The pieces of Pegasus are all exceptional, I think it is a great job, the most difficult thing about a bust is to obtain a plausible expression and in the case of a historical character that looks like the same one. In my opinion you have achieved it. Congratulations.