Hello everyone , nice to meet you ^_^

Hello everyone , nice to meet you…

my name is Ted , I’m very new to this hobby…

but I’d like to get a good grip on how to understand it and build some models

Thank you everyone for the kindness you have shown me :slight_smile: it is very welcoming


Nice to have you along. Lots of good folks here with years of experience and knowledge and always willing to help. Best advice I can give you as a newcomer is to have fun and work on basic assembly skills. Also invest in some tools, and x-acto knife with #11 blade or something similar, a pair of flush cut nippers, some small needle files and various grits of sandpaper 200-600 is what I mostly use. I’m sure others will chime in. Good luck and have fun.

Welcome to the forum and the hobby. What hobby stuff interests you?

Buy something cheap and relatively easy to start with. If you are near a Hobby Lobby wait until kits are 40% off and buy something. If you aren’t particular, car models are relatively easy builds and cheap; you can even use regular spray paint on them. If you are an armor guy HL usually has a couple of older Tamiya kits that aren’t bad for breaking into the hobby. Of course, they have many snap-together kits (mostly Star Wars, Gundam, and cars) that you can start at the basic level and practice painting and weathering on.

I broke back into modeling by purchasing the ancient Tamiya Pz II Ausf F for $12 at Hobby Lobby.

Welcome along to the forum Ted!

welcome aboard, you will we’re a friendly bunch who are more than willing to give help and advice when you need it.



And even when you don’t need it.:smile: Kidding aside, welcome aboard, Ted! 🫡


oh , loads…

I actually used to fence…

I love collecting antiques and old VHS tapes and laser discs

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