Hello From BattleScale Collectica Webcast!

Hello All!
This Webcast is my personal project dedicated to custom figures and scale models. Some of the kits are things I’ve personally worked on, but the majority of the show explores works created by other fans and talented builders & designers. In addition to these custom parts and kits, the show will also feature guests to discuss various techniques and tools needed to produce nice models. The intent is to offer a little of something of interest across the modeler builder spectrum, and BSC be covering all sorts of genres.


Hello KMF members. I have some questions for you all to drive some discussion.

  1. Scale Preferences? Do you have a favorite scale that you consistently work with? You may have guessed I like larger scales.

  2. What Model Types? What types of models do you enjoy building the most? Scratch builds, 3D prints, commercial kits etc?

  3. What Themes and Eras do you consistently work on? Are there specific themes or historical periods that you find particularly fascinating?

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  1. 1/35 (and some 1/72 ship/boat/naval & a few helicopters). I have to limit myself somehow …
  2. Models. Stash content is mostly kits, kits+conversions, a few 3D-printed, when I run out of kits I might turn to scratchbuilding. I try to keep up to date with scratchbuilding tips and techniques
  3. Anything in 1/35. Floating things is 20th century.
  1. 1\35 scale.
  2. Armor, AFV’s and military vehicles. Have a collection of Bandai Star Wars models. Build commercial kits, with photo etch, aftermarket barrel and independent tracks, some resin.
  3. WWII and Modern.
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