HELP Busted panther

I messed up bad. While trying to get the road wheels figured out. I made the mistake of gluing them in place before painting them. ( Just the front road wheels X8 ) so while I was trying to break them free (using WD-40 ) I managed to get all of them except one set apart. Instead I ended up breaking off one rocker arm and the one set of wheels won’t come apart. So now everything is all messed up. Any suggestions or ideas. I’m hoping I can figure out how to get the rocker arm free without damaging the hull and then just order those part as well as new set of road wheels

If it was me I’d drill out the post from inside the wheels, then add a new post to the arm from either sprue or Evergreen rod. You may find drilling out the broken post will weaken the wheels enough to separate them too…

Thanks. I actually managed to free up the busted rocker arm Processing: IMG20230429074850.jpg… Saving that area for a replacement piece, and I’m also going to order new road wheels. Though your idea sounds like a good one too.