HELP! Cracked windscreen on Tamya Toyota

Hi All,

I Have this toyota supra mk3 that i was enthusiastic to build but then i was shocked to find the front windcreen has two nasty cracks.

Any tips or suggestrions on what i can do to resolve this issue?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Contact Tamiya and they should replace the windshield part. No idea where you are on the planet, but they have offices all over the world. Find the one nearest you and contact them.

Or build it as a, worn down, daily beater, with a cracked windscreen :slightly_smiling_face:

You might also try a soak in Future floor polish, perhaps putting it under a slight vacuum to make sure to suck all the air out of the crack. Not sure if that would work or not, but might be worth a try while you wait for a replacement to arrive.


Maybe this is a good excuse for me to try something new for a change. I do love the old battered car builds that people make.

I have contacted hobbyco and they said that it will cost £10 plus 4-5 month delivery. I thought to myself that i can’t wait that long. so i bought a new supra for £25.

That seems like a good solution. You’re still left with a car with no windshield. You can coat the back side of it with a very light coat of cooking oil, or ghee, or whatever you have. Press some Milliput or two part putty onto it, making sure it makes contact with the whole backside of the glass. When it cures, pop out the putty. (the oil makes it easier) now you have a master for a new windshield. You don’t even need a vacuform machine. Just lay clear plastic over it and put it in a warm oven. You may up with one that has better scale thickness than the original.