Help for Merkava mk 4 details

I am close to complete a Merkava Mk 4 of Academy.
I would see how the canvas panels with the numbers are fixed on the rear of the turret basket. It seems that the panels are folded in two layers, but I don’t understand well how.
I have to make aerials and I see that the photos are confusing in the numbrer, position and type of aerials. What would be the best for an early Merkava mk 4?
Thank you for any help.

Are you building one with a loader’s hatch or without one?

The one without the loader’s hatch.

The most common antenna setup is just two


great images, Nikos. :+1:

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They are tied to a thin bar or folded over it


It’s plywood tied on with wire.
The vinyl ones are either buckled on with straps or held on with zip ties depends on their condition since they do get ripped off every now and then.


Good to know, thank you. No standard size then.

From the photos, I see that there is a tube-like device on the rear-left part of the turret roof, longitudinal, that is completely missing in the kit. What is this thing? Is it likely that was missing when early Merkava Mk 4 entered in service?

It is missing in the kit because Academy has used the Lantrun museum display vehicle as a base for their kit. There are photos showing it missing sometimes but mostly it is there.

If you have a Meng kit it is part D79, I can measure it later when I get home from work if you want.

Photo of a 4M, still the same thing

it is missing in this photo, you can see the mounting points though

This is what the Academy kit used as reference


Yes please, I can see if I find a rod with the right diameter for an easy scratchbuilding.
The kit of Academy is not very satisfying for many reasons.

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Do you know what it is? If I had to guess I’d say it was a tube for storing antenna sections.


The part is exactly 35mm long. Diameter of the bar is 1.2mm

The rear mount is 11.7mm long and the front 9.5mm

No I do not know. I though the same but the rear end has a curved flange and it is not long enough for antenna sections I think.

Thank you very much.
Seems that the Meng kit is far superior to the Academy.

They are almost twenty years apart. You cannot expect much from the Academy kit but it is a good start.

It is fair for twenty years ago, but I wouldn’t recommand anyone to buy it now for its cheaper price only. For example, I had to model and print 3d chains, and I am still waiting to see if I’ll manage to use them with fair results, being frail and unforgiving.

Out of the box the Academy kit is decent. You need the legend resin basket at least. A good photoetch detail set and if you are a bit more picky new tracks (Friul). All of this is more expensive than the new Meng kit. Had Meng not released their kit, if one wanted an early Merkava 4 his only option would be the Academy kit will all the extras.

In the book from M.Mass this tube is described as “metal tube for various maintenance tasks.”

Hi, this is surely true. In absence of the Meng kit, Academy would be a logical choice.
I’ve read that the kit of HB has problems in the suspension area, and is not cheap nor easy.
However, photoetched chains are already included into the kit of Academy (the version without loader’s hatch only), but they are not realistic in my opinion. True that the plastic ones of the Meng kit are not perfect, but surely better and easier to use.
I had considered also the use of brass chains and balls from a bath chain and I had already bought them, but i was discouraged for the huge work. Besides I fear the idea to paint movable chains without the airbrush.

Morale maintenance? The diameter is a little too small for a proper bottle of anything.