Help! I click on news of new products and instead of seeing more I get a box with text

HI, I am using a Mac Book and run a VPN and have several malware programs running. Ive been visiting the news site for a couple of decades, ever before the new format came on line. I have had no problems clicking on a new product and seeing the details and comments, until I started running the VPN. I can go to the new product page and everything looks fine but this problem occurs when I click on the new product. Also when I open News Armorama, all the text appears, the image boxes appear white with a dark vertical line moving from left to right runs on all images until they load. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Why do you have several malware apps running?

I asked Google about: malware programs
and got a list of anti-malware, i.e. malware protection and/or removal programs.

The expression ‘malware programs’ IS very easy to misinterpret …

Oh, I know what she’s talking about; I used to be a desktop support tech. But in any case there generally is no reason to run more than one at any given time.

Do they all have the same “coverage” footprint against malware?
Asking for a noob friend,… ahem … :blush:

Most use the same virus definition files as there are databases that track outbreaks so fixes can be developed, but not always. However they both will want to inject their interceptor (a file that looks for malware activity) into the system kernel. This is very likely to lead to conflicts. Conflicts could result in one or both antivirus programs failing to do their job correctly, which may allow malicious files to go unnoticed. It could even result in a complete system crash and a permanent loss of essential data. Another issue is that starts to hog resources; these programs generally run the entire time the system is online and they will each want their own cache of resources – they don’t share because they aren’t written to.

I only use one antivirus, and it’s one I stayed with for over 20 years (using the free version). I have a deeper cleaning free tool I run maybe once a month or if things seem off.

I have only ever lost data to hardware failures and the only viruses I’ve had to remove have been on clients’ machines, not my own. And I spent a lot of time on the open seas.

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Well having used a VPN in the past I can easily say they don’t work for every occasion. I have had to switch them off before due to tech issue. This may be something along that line. We do cache our sites via Cloudflare for example and that may be a potential cause. It sounds like via the VPN rerouting and the Cloudflare rerouting you may be experiencing a long delay or other issue for loading images. Or Cloudflare might just not like the VPN IP you were assigned due to it being used by hackers, etc.

As with most privacy apps, they are only useful if they work. I mean you are already starting off on a bad foot using a Mac in todays internet environment. I have to use one at the office, so I have experienced this first hand. :smiley:


Yes, this appears more a VPN issue but I never use one so cannot advise. We didn’t use them at my work when I did support. It was at the NYC Department of Probation; they didn’t have much use for that in 2006.