Help Identify Camo Scheme

dear AFV experts: i ran across a cgi representation of a Jagdtiger which is done in ambush but i’m more interested in what style the underlying scheme is or is called? these are courtesy of Tank Encyclopedia:

i fully credit images as noted above. this is for purely educational purposes

This is known as “Ambush” scheme used by the Germans in mid-44 on. It’s intended to simulate the Sun shining through leaves.

Dear Cheyenne:

Thank you. Yes, I know that the overall scheme is ambush. But my more precise question, if inartfully stated was what exactly was the underlying tricolor camo scheme called, if anything? Take away the ambush dots and there are some unique paint schemes which appear more like bands of color as opposed to other tricolor schemes which appear as clouds more or less. Thanks

It’ generally referred to simply as tricolor. There may be an official technical name but I am not aware of it.

thanks Armorsmith. Know of any stencils or masks for it?