HELP; looking for 1/35 soviet/Russian helicopter crew

I just got trumpeters 1/35 Mi-8 kit and wanted to depict it with a piloting crew in the cockpit. Are there any such kits available for this?

CMK has these pilots for inside the cockpit.

CMK F35169 Russian modern Helicopter Pilots

And these standing pilots.

CMK F35168 Russian modern Helicopter pilots


Live-Resin was supposed to be coming out w/a bunch of figures for the Trumpeter Mi-8, but I don’t know how easy they would be to get w/the current Russian embargo.

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@HeavyArty thank you, i didn’t see those cmk figures anywhere when i googled it earlier. Hopefully i can find them somewhere. Would love to show this as an air assault diorama

Live Resin has some Russian figures. Not sure about helo crews. Live Resin - unfinished paintable resin figures in 1/35 scale. Accessories for military dioramas, armor models, model kits (

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Like I said…

@HeavyArty @sluff any idea where the cmk figured would be sold? Can’t find them on google or eBay. Probably going to have to find them by happenstance

Could probably modify Russian truck drivers or a tank crew member to fit in the pilot seat

You check CMK’s site? Check shops like Hannants, BNA, . The company is Czech, see if you can find shops there or Poland, Germany, Holland. AVAX Models is out of Czech Republic. Also,might check with Hobbysearch 1999, Plaza Hobby, and Hobbylink Japan. I’ve had good luck finding off beat stuff with them.

Taa-Daaa !!! Searched the part #. 10 seconds to scalemates site, scroll down to sellers, and here you go. Russian modern Heli Pilots sitting · CMK · F35169 · 1:35 (

CMK does a standing set too. #35168. Appears Aeroscale makes a standing set too. (Dragon Hobbys on Ebay has them. Might check Aerobonus.

@sluff i didn’t see that on scalemates thank you for finding it!

Unfortunately it looks like it’s unavailable for the time being

I love CMK products, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the Modern Russian pilots. They weren’t right for Afghanistan anyway. I’m converting Trumpeter’s CH-47 pilots. With trimming and the addition of correct helmets (which I’m mainly sculpting from the original ones) I will get very close to the Soviet pilots from that era. I may even put Nikes on them

They do need a little surgery to get them to conform to the Mi-8 seats well, but conform they do. As with all military personnel from any era over there, they are ready to take one where it counts for the Rodina.

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@18bravo maybe i can do what you’re doing than. I won’t be awesome at it but at least a full cockpit will hide any mistakes.

Honestly had an air assault diorama idea where i could take two kits and make it look as if there were four helicopters in the diorama. Was thinking of taking two Mi-8 helos and building one complete then taking the second kit and splitting the troops compartment down the middle and take the cockpit portion and making that a different scene in the diorama. Would give the illusion of a company or so moving into combat.