Help needed in painting Russian modern vehicles

Hey, quite new in modelling and need help. I want to achieve this exact shade of green. Any suggestions which color would fit the best?

It won’t help you much with your request but I think this could be the very same tank. You can notice the green shade looks different…



Yeah, indeed this is the same tank. But Russian army has many green shades and they paint a lot of their tanks very different

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This PDF has all Russian/Soviet greens up to 2016. There are the equivalent MIG colors at the bottom with a handy (and confusing) chart on the bottom regarding years of use.

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Mig paints are your best bet, follow the pdf from above.


I use AK Real colors paint for modern Russian vehicles


Also used the ak modern russian green and postshaded it together with ak russian grey green but it didn’t come out the way I wanted. I mean it doesn’t look like the tank on the photo I showed.


Honestly, I really wouldn’t get too wrapped around the axle re colours; remember, you’re painting a scale model which is much smaller than the real thing, therefore the colour needs to be scaled down too.

Sadly (to me at least) it’s almost become an immutable tenet that the colour must be exact, (and don’t the paint manufacturers just love it); admittedly, it’s nice to start somewhere but perhaps you might like to adjust your paint finish accordingly. Just a thought(!)


I agree- I wouldn’t be one to obsess over the exact shade either. Unless you really want to that is, in which case have at it! Personally I found the AMMO by Mig ‘Protective’ color a very decent match for modern Russian vehicles.

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You know what, I don’t understand ammo paints. That’s how the paint looks like on the internet and that’s how it looks in reality. Complately different look of bottle and complately different shade of green although it is said on the bottle 023 just like one the bottle on the interned

Welcome to the world of Modelling Mateusz…

Never trust the colour you see on the ‘net’. The colour on your monitor is effected by everything from your monitor quality and resolution all the way up to where the source picture came from and how the pic was taken. This is relative to pics of vehicles and also paint colours you see on screen, and especially other people’s models, so be wary of expecting the same colour in real life as you do in the digital world.

Do a search of a particular manufacturer’s paint and the images on screen, of the same paint, will vary. What appears to be the same pic, shows different on different sites - your choice of paint is a perfect example:

Both are the same colour but different label styles - did they change the colour as well as the label? Who knows!
Your pic shows the colour to be a shade or two lighter than even the first pic I posted - but is it really?

Another example - RAL 7017 from AK. Not only do the pics of exactly the same paint show different colours, the different paints in their range do not even match!

Then the base colour of the kit will also effect the end colour you have. If you use a primer (which I do), if you use a grey primer your colour will be lighter than if you use a black primer. If you sprayed your vehicle a dark green, then added your Protective Green, the colour would be a little darker than what you have now but less so than if painted over black.

Also paint colour in the jar will often be a different colour when dry…

Lastly, The pic you posted of the vehicle colour you want to depict suggests a satin finish to the paint. If you add clear gloss to your flat paint, you can get a satin finish, but even though it is clear, the reflective qualities will make the paint a darker colour visually. Think about the change in colour when you wet something with water…

For what you want, I would suggest you try a mix. Maybe Tamiya Dark XF-70 Dark Green 2 and a little XF-3 Flat Yellow - plus gloss clear if you want a satin finish. Get small graduated eye droppers from the pharmacy so you can measure how many drops of each paint you use in each test. The glass ones are easy to clean and when you get your ratio, you can use the graduations on the side to measure out a larger quantity for the actual painting of the model.

When you get the colour you like, write the mix down for prosperity!


Thanks man for your time you have taken to write this “essey” I will try your solution and write if it meets my expectations


Yes it is a bit wordy, but I hope there is value in every one… :grin:


Hi Mateusz,

My 2 cents:
Never trust the colours of a picture you see on the Internet :slight_smile:
I’d guess you do not have a colour accurate setup (monitor + i/o device) and even if you have - you do not know how the picture was taken and how it was processed later in post.
Just look at the very unnatural colour of the sky in the picture you’ve posted :grin:

There was a picture posted of armored vehicles in a motor pool. No two were the same shade. Doesn’t really matter which nation either. I’ve seen pictures of IDF armor and even in the same unit, the shades can differ.

I think it’s a fool’s errand to obsess with getting the exact shade.