Help needed- Wooden bases

I am trying to source some custom size wooden bases from Australia to display my builds. Does anyone have any links or is able to help me themselves?

If you have any local DIY stores, you can buy (for instance) a 1" x 6" x 10’ plank (pine is usually cheapest, and can be stained whatever color you want). Most DIY stores have a cutting service, so you can have your plank cut to whatever lengths, and also get the edges routered, or beveled, to taste.
I am currently using these: Panneau de bois galerie | DeSerres
available from a local art supply store. They are pre-made sizes, but I can always find a size needed for a particular model. Here’s a 1/700 Bismarck on one of those wood panels. I painted the edges black, but you could also apply veneer strip for a more attractive look!

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I’ve also used wood taken from old pallets to make bases a few times.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I managed to find a business on etsy in Melbourne who is able to make the exact sizes i need. I don’t have the skill or the tools to make them…and that would take away from modelling time haha.

This guy is in Brisbane

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