Help! - Unknown truck!

Could someone tell me what this model of truck is? It’s a 4x2, probably 1.5 ton

No help, just a similar picture but with metal sides. Studebaker, GMC?


Looks like the one in the top picture belongs to the Brazilian Army…


might that be one of the heavy duty Toyota trucks?

It is a WW2 truck of the Brazilian army
Definitely not Toyota which are post WW2. based on 1950s/60s US designs.

I figured that out after I saw the era it was posted in. The doors remind me of a U.S. built truck, and the front end looks later. Like to see the rear axle assembly

I went through the book Military Wheeled Vehicles by Crismon looking for trucks with a similar louver pattern on the hood. Didn’t find any.

Surprised Frenchy couldn’t identify it.

I’ve just done the same…with the same result ! :wink: When I first saw it, it reminded me of a Federal 2G, but there are too many differences. I wonder if it could have been a Brazilian-built truck based on US truck components…


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The truck bed does have a sort of home made look about it. Is it a conversion from something else (wouldn’t know what)?

Looks like a mix of Dodge, Corbitt and GMC truck…

In the second picture, the fender-mounted turn signals look postwar to me (and so does the van in the background).


Some Brazilian CCKW still in service until 1997! That kind of “modernization” are very usual.

The last few ones in the French Army were phased out in 2000 :wink:



I think is an Isuzu 1 1/2 tonner. Japanese military trucks in the’50’s were very heavily based on US military trucks.

Regards Jason

Who Isuku truck?

very difficult help you
the look is similar to International M5 but… is not the same, I have also search if Egesa manage similar truck without success… I don’t fouun nothing about Japanese manifacture (toyota fq15)
I search more… but I have expire my sources


The 4x4 version of the Isuzu is the TS540.

Some differences but looks close.

Regards Jason

Please note the above is for reference only

Great! Some differences… lets check

I’ve read that Brazil recieved some Japanese trucks in the 50’s but these were Toyota FXs :roll_eyes: