Help w/ 1958 Plymouth "Christine"

Hello all,
I’m a newbie here, having normally built military vehicles and figures, and some sci-fi. I haven’t built cars in at least 20 yrs. I’ve been commissioned to do the 1958 Plymouth from the movie “Christine”. I obviously have the AMT/Round 2 kit to start with, but need help sourcing parts to make the engine correct, with the dual carbs and the small oval air cleaners, as seen on screen, as opposed to what is in the kit with the large single round air cleaner. Internet searches, and searches here have left me empty-handed. Can anyone offer advice or point me in the direction for aftermarket parts?
Thanks for any help,

Sure wish that I could help either with parts from my spare boxes or a few links, but I’m almost entirely a road race car builder. I’m sure that there’s others here who build street mods that can help.

In any event, please post updates throughout the build as I’d love to see Christine come alive once again.