Help with AK paints

Painting using a brush, Dragons M2/M3. Paint not adhering to the parts, washed them in washing up liquid, alcohol wipes, paint doesn’t flow and has patchy coverage, advice please, thank you

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Which AK paints? Real colors, 3rd generation, something else?

@Kefffy alot do these paint are air brush primary. Only certain ones can be brushed on and even then that’s minimal.

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AK 3G Special set. 3rd Generation Acrylics, on the box

I’ve used the AK 3G acrylics and I observe that when I bought them new they were great. I could airbrush with them even. But after they had aged a bit, I could not get them to airbrush at all.

For brush painting I still use them and they are much like Vallejo. I use them on top of a primer and have not had issues with adhesion. (FWIW I typically use some type of mr surfacer as my primer). They do not a considerable bit of shaking to get blended well, and often still adding a little water and stirring on the palette to get a consistent mix.