Help with antique HO train, please

So I have this Tyco HO train that I got when I was a kid in the late 60s or early 70s. It has been in a box since about then. I decided to get it out and set it up for my great niece and nephew. Turns out it’s missing some track. I have no grand ambition with it other than to set it up under a Christmas tree or something. What is the easiest, cheapest way to get a circle track set up for this?

I have no idea if the transformer works either.

Cheapest reliable track:

You will probably need 2 packs to make a complete circle.
Do you have a local train shop to test the transformer(powerpack)?


Thanks. I do have a train shop not that far away. I’ll have to see if they are open. So, on my existing tracks there is one piece with a couple of leads that I attach the wires of the transformer to. Will I need a special piece like that if I get a set of these?

Hi Phil,

Bachmann does make a curved terminal piece:


You beat me to the punch Fred Boucher…I was just getting ready to mention your name. :slight_smile:


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Notice the track in the posted pictures have that gray plastic bedding under the track sections. This sets the track sections at a certain height. It will be easiest to assemble the complete circle with these type section parts.

Sounds like a fun project.

Awww, I’m blushing. :grin:

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Thanks folks. I took the transformer to the local train store and they checked it out. They suggested I start with just enough track to complete the circuit, of basically the same type as I have. So I did that and everything runs! Thanks for the tips folks.

If my great nephews and nieces show any interest in it, I probably will get some of the Bachmann snap fit. Or worse, I might do what I’ve been seeing in the YouTube videos about laying HO track.

I think my train set is pretty cheap. I don’t know what quality rail cars actually look like but these seem really frail. I’m surprised they survived my childhood…

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Good to hear that you got it running :smiley:

Yes, good to hear it’s operational. Keep going with it. Feel free to post pictures as well.