Help with buying Krylon paint in BC

Hi all, wonder if there’s anyone living in or near Abbotsford BC? That’s the only place (Lowes) where I can find Krylon Pistachio spraypaint.

If anyone could help out, Im in Kamloops and will happily pay shipping and gas money for your help.


If you are willing to pay shipping and gas, you ought to try looking at Amazon. They had many of the different “pistachio” types from Krylon listed.


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Yes, I’d suggest ordering online from Lowes

Thanks. Nothing on the Canadian site and nothing (shipped to BC) on the US site.

Tried Lowes online. Every &#@*& shade of green- except Pistachio.

Thanks anyway.

And you’ve already confirmed that it’s just another color name for the same color?

This guy on eBay ships to Canada from the U.S. and showed pistachio listed:


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Quite unique shade as it happens. Hopefully I wont have to mix it myself.

Problem solved!!! A random site for a delivery co. led me to their item list and there it was. Delivered free 10 minutes ago.

Thanks everbody for your help and support. .


That’s great! Just glad you found a solution!!


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Doesn’t Canadian Tire carry Krylon? Or what about your friendly neighborhood art supply store?
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Eventually, Michaels found some. Cantire, Rona, Homeless et al, no luck.

Now to find a safe way of decanting the stuff for air and brush painting.