Help with Leopard 2a6

So im getting ready to start my new project but im needing some help finding images of damaged Leopards,mainly the front fenders.Strange i know,but im looking to see how far i can go with it.Looking to make this a little damaged as if its seeing some battles.Thanks

Google for Turkish Leopard 2A4 in Syria. The hull is basicly the same as on the 2A6. The Turks damaged a bit more than just their fenders … :wink:

Thanks ill have a look

So far my search has turned up zero.I cant believe that i cant find 1 image of a damaged from fender of a leopard 2.:rage:

Did a google search and haven’t really seen any badly damaged front fenders of Leopards - the Turkish ones in Syria I’ve seen tend to be totally KO’d but much of the fenders remain intact - see this article by the daily mail for photos: (I don’t necessarily agree with the content, just pointing out the photos of destroyed Leopards in the article)

The £4million German tank being embarrassed in Syria | Daily Mail Online

Thanks will take a look

Those fenders are a fairly substantial piece of steel, not just sheetmetal. Not something that is damaged easily. In very, very rare instances you see them with the entire fender removed, but I’ve never seen damaged fenders.


That really helps me out alot.Thank you for finding them and sharing.

Definitely the front fenders are very strong steel constructions. I also never saw these damaged. In really heavy terrain, mostly in winter, these are completely removed due to possible build up of mud/ice etc. They are not torn away, but can easily be dismounted by the crew I would say. Needs only a long steel pin to be removed to seperate them from the vehicle. After that, it looks like this:

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