Help with parts list

I am starting the 36 Wild One modified racer and spent a few minutes looking at the parts, the instructions and photo’s of modifieds.
There are some items needed that are missing and some items that are poorly done. All the bits under the hood will be readily visable.
I need a good 4 barrel carberator, a single plane manifold and air filter and stearing box. I think I can scratch build everything else. The engine is a 427.
Is there a kit you have built that came with these parts? If so I could just buy that kit for the parts. Is there some resin parts readily available?
This will be the first car kit in 20 years so my spare parts box just doesn’t have car parts.
Any recomendations on a decal source?

Parts might be able to be had at

Gofer racing decals at,racing,decals

I might have some parts but not as familiar with which parts are needed for the 427 and what I have.

Thanks! I sent tx3 a request. I am used to higher detailed armor kits so this kit will need some help getting the detail up. This kit is different than many kits because the engine and suspension are the star and the body plays a second where as with many kits, the reverse is true.

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