Help With Voyager - Tiger PE & Resin

dear friends
you’ve all been kind with your time helping me. i’m stuck on a Voyager detail set barrel rod assembly. there were no instructions and the QR code was useless. in the photo i’m attaching you’ll see what looks like a set of resin clamps to super glue to the casemate. Problem is that the tow cable wire really doesn’t fit. Plus, i get the usual clamp with scalloped cutouts for rods but what are those other resin U shaped doohickey’s? Someone? Anyone? help please. thanks. Dan

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Is this for a Tiger or King Tiger? Those 4 other “doohickeys” are for clamping the tow cables.

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These are supposed to go inside the photoetched holders (or you wrap the photoetch around them). cleaning rods go in the middle 3 depressions, and the tow cable goes on the outside two. The individual ones hold the tow cable ends.


Oooooooohhhhh…… duh. Thanks

I’m an idiot

Jagdtiger Ken. Same hull as KT but extended six inches like a Lincoln town car. I see they have the diameter for the two cables, so you throw the rods in there and CA glue the tow cables to the top at the inboard and outboard positions.? Or do those two parts attach the other end to the hull at two points separately? Thanks for serving
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@Smorchan pretty much described how the parts go together, here are some photos to back that up:



Thanks my friend. They don’t mention them as jigs? But if it works why the heck not?

The resin parts are not really jigs, they are a part of the finished item. The PE by itself is hollow. If you look at the photo of the Jadgtiger, you can see that the real parts are solid.
I don’t kow which Voyager set you have, but I found these instructions on Scalemates, they should help:
IS_PE351086.CDR (

Duh. Thanks. I have the Voyager super set, along with about 20 other JT sets for my company or German Heavies. I’ve got to slow, down. Smallest I image is the PK IV, or StugIII in 1/16. I’ll have to wait for retirement, though to tackle my Trumpeter 1/16 JT and Hobby Boss 1/16 Tiger I