HEMTT M983 with the M790 Erector Launcher Trailer?

I Love Kit (Trumpeter spin-off) recently announced the M1001 truck with the M790 Erector Launcher Trailer.
Is this the same trailer unit, which was used with the HEMTT M983 truck? When I look at the ILK kit, the warhead for the Pershing II missile seems separate, while the missile and warhead is one unit in the pictures, I can find of the M983/missile trailer combination.

The trailer was similar, just upgraded.

“Because of SALT II agreements, no new launchers could be built, therefore the Pershing 1a M790 launchers were modified into the Pershing II M1003 launchers.

  1. Booms: Support missile cradle during erection and recapture of the missile.
  2. Missile cradle: Supports missile during transport, erection, and recapture of the missile.
  3. Retaining ring segments: Used to retain missile in missile cradle during transport.
  4. EL pallet cover: Protects radar section and warhead section during travel.
  5. EL pallet: Platform used to transport and mate warhead section and radar section.
  6. Work platform: Work area for mating reentry vehicle sections.
  7. Ground Integrated Electronics Unit (GIEU): Consists of Launch Control Assembly (LCA) and Power Control Assembly (PCA) with the protective door.
  8. Hydraulic control panel: Contains controls and indicators for system hydraulic function.
  9. Uplock release mechanism: Releases azimuth ring uplock, allowing missile recapture.
  10. Uplock assembly: Locks azimuth ring in erect (firing) position.
  11. Azimuth ring assembly: Consists of launch platform, blast deflector, and ring for mating the missile.
  12. EL power supply: Provides 28 V DC power to EL.
  13. Missile power supply: Provides 28 V DC power to the missile.
  14. Front jack: Used to raise, lower, and level front of EL.
  15. Landing gear: Supports the front of the EL when EL is detached from the tractor and not supported by jacks.
  16. Hydraulic oil tank: Non-pressurized reservoir for hydraulic oil.
  17. Protective covers: Protect G&C/A and radar section.
  18. Rear jacks: Used to raise, lower, and level rear of EL.

Lots more info here:

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Thanks for the fast answer Gino :slight_smile:

I found these pictures, but they seem to be of the original Pershing I lancher as in the ILK kit, and not the M1003 launcher?

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The tractor unit is a M.A.N. truck, which was built in Germany. The Air Force used a similar tractor M1014 for the GLCM in Europe. The HEMTT M983 tractor was used in the US for the transports. I remember seeing the the unit moves on the German autobahns.

Speaking of the GLCM:


Not sure. I can’t find much info on the Pershing 1a M790 trailer and don’t have the kit to compare it to the above drawings. I bet most others won’t know the difference either, so you should be fine mating the two.

Wow! I love I Love Kit!!!


So if I decide to use a HEMMT road tractor with this ELT, will I have to figure out how to mount APU included with the MAN tractor on the HEMMT?

From the kit, APU is top right, next to the cab.

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Yes. The M983A2 Pershing 2 tractor had the same generator and crane setup as the Man truck.

I can’t find any good pics.

Here is another model of one (not mine, just off the web).


if you decided to replace the Man M1001 tractor with HMETT, would you sell the Man tractor trees to me?

I am considering building german army corduroy road layer, which uses the same cab and chassis.

There is also this model from Modelcollect, with the generator and crane.