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This is my first serious diorama made around 1997. It was named in a contest on the long defunct ww2modelmaker.com. Although photos of this dio have been published on and off over the years I thought pulling it out of the archives and running it as a feature may interest folks who may have seen it in the past and folks new to the site who have never seen it.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/herr-murphy-s-law

thank you to share with us your experiance ! cool job!

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I liked your diorama. The think i like to see when you see photos of the older kits is the amount of detail in the old kits, vs. the newer kits (Something I think it’s to much).

My if you were doing this today, what would you do differently?

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Welcome to the forum Ronin71.
Interesting question. I believe what I would do differently now :
On the tank- more weathering of the white camo to show through some of the original color
More track sag on the underside
Perhaps have the driver or commander in their positions with hatches open
On the figures - These were some of the first figures I had done so I think a re-do of the eyes might
be in order
On the dio elements - I would try to use a more ‘to scale’ wood for the roadbed on the bridge
I would attempt to do a better job of depicting the broken ice area where the
tank fell through
On the base - I would put more effort into the finish of the outside of the base.

All in all, and considering the age of this diorama, I am and have been pleased with it. It has won several awards at shows and is always a conversation starter with other modelers. I’ve learned a lot in the 20+ years since this was built and it would be interesting to be able to apply that knowledge to a re-build.