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TAKOM shows their new Hetzers in 1/35 scale, all featuring full interior.

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Hope to see them soon

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I really want at least one in 1/16.


I as well

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A 1/16 would be sweet!

Getting this for sure, these look sweet

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Since this is a Takom kit and Andy’s Hobbies uses Takom to mold his kits and he does 1/16 scale, perhaps he might do a 1/16th of the Hetzer. Perhaps something to bring to his attention. It might be without the interior or the interior sold as a separate kit.

Eduard did three Hetzer kits with full interiors a few years back - I have the early and late offerings. The Eduard offering was not really a big hit, I wonder how these will go over?

These previews show us a standard Hetzer from the outside, but inside there are two radios - making it a Command vehicle. So the second radio doesn’t have its antenna.

Hopefully there will be more parts in the box - but I suspect that Takom are out of their depth here. They’ve mixed up Command and Standard interiors before.

Anyway, if we simply omit those radios on the left side, does anybody know what’s supposed to be there?


Absolutely nailed on to be done in 1/16 now. Either Das Werk or AHHQ - put your mortgage on it.

I see no difference between all the interiors. The kit seems to be a command variant with the 4 radios: 2 in the aft and 2 on the left side. However there will need to be a star antennae added.

As for other variants I can’t say.

To David: After determining if there were 1 or 2 sets less the area would more than likely be filled with ammo or personal kit. If there are no sources available then you can be forgiven to use your imagination. After all, who is going to criticise you?

For anyone interested and to David. There are kit bins in place of radios.

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There should be small differences between the early and late, mainly the air cleaner.
I guess that the modeler will have to use references and make changes, etc as one sees fit.
There are some great Czech books out there that cover all the variants and their interiors.
Most tanks in museums are ex G13s and should be taken with a grain of salt (look for an escape hatch or round grew seats and the gun for an example).

You know, years ago I wondered if model kits would ever reach this stage that we’re at now - where full Panzer interiors are commonplace.
And, given what I knew from research on Tigers, I thought it couldn’t happen. Because there aren’t enough surviving documents or examples.to properly model most Panzer interiors.

How wrong I was.

I failed to anticipate the makers who would say “Fill it up with something, combine fragmentary information from different versions, and just ship it out the door. We don’t know everything, but the customer won’t complain because the customer knows even less than us.”

Example : Amusing Hobby’s Tiger (P). They gave it the complete turret interior of a Tiger (H). So, the kit turret has a floor with hydraulic drive - but the real tank had no turret floor and an electrical drive.

Example : Ustar’s Command Tiger. They put in the turret radio. Kudos to them, they made a great guess at how that radio would be installed. But they omitted the intercom, seat, long-range radio, kit box, antenna tuner, map tables…the list goes on.

This is getting ridiculous. We have kits that are 98% correct on the outside, while their insides make you slap your forehead.

Anyway, as Dan was saying : should there be differences between early and late? I would bet money on it.


Will I buy in 1/35? Yes, but only one as the differences don’t seem worth going for all three.
Will I buy in 1/16? Yes, but only one as there are other great kits that keep coming out.

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I’ll buy the late model. I’ve already built the Tamiya version and I like the different muffler on the late. Plus I’ve got an extensive walkaround that I took at the Hertiage Museum of their Hetzer late runner from the Littlefield Collection.

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Just remember that it is more than likely a ex G13.

Another great reason for me to build with hatches closed …
:+1: :grin:

I do not see an issue with incorrect detail - to a degree of course (an autoloader would look weird in this model). There is always some uncertainty, and if you insist on 100% before even considering producing a kit with an interior (in other words: never), or you accept that you will be 80-90% correct, but actually put something down on the table, I would choose the latter. I’d rather have some slightly incorrect kits on the market than no kits at all - people can always correct it (should they wish to do so), AM companies can issue correction sets, etc.


I looked into the Hetzer’s intercom and radio, because I have some background knowledge in those areas that will be helpful to Hetzer builders. And I started to write about it; here’s a note about the Hetzer intercom.

In doing this I also got some basic information about Hetzer interiors:

Many “Hetzers” in museums are really post-war G13 pretending to be Hetzers. The differences were much greater on the inside than the outside; they literally have a whole different gun with different controls. Equipment storage on the walls is different. And because they were not in German service, they never had the German intercom and radio.

So; don’t rely on museum “Hetzers” unless you know what they are. The easiest way to spot the difference is the top of the main gun. Upper photo : real Hetzer. Lower photo: G13.

I also came to see that the restored Hetzer at the AAAM is actually very good. It has the real gun and probably the whole thing was a real Hetzer. They’ve put the correct radio and intercom into it, which I suspect they had to buy from collectors? I don’t know enough to say that it’s all good, but I can spot only a single mistake so far (the gun breech is painted green).


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Here is a link of the Australian hetzer David is talking about-