Hex Heads, Hex Heads, Teeny Tiny Hex Heads

I remember buying a set years ago. Trouble is, I could use more and I have no idea who makes or sells them! I’m talking decorative of course and not workable ones.

Aber makes them in photo etch

I like the meng sets, they have a few different options, and being they are plastic are easier to deal with…. no CA needed.



I am a big fan of the tichy ones . They are super easy to use

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You could try this supplier, a little costly if you need a lot.
Scale Hardware is one of my go to’s.

Evergreen and plastic both have hexagonal rods,just have to slice them,I use my chopper to keep them uniform,I can’t fathom how many can be made with just one rod ,I started using these because I couldn’t slice thr Ming ones square,and you can’t beat the price,( just my opinion )

I too have dobe that. The only caveat is the blade needs to ve shimmed to get a even cut

Chris,I don’t understand what you mean as my chopper cuts very square

I had to shim my blade with piece of 10k strip

How old is your’ as mine is pretty new

UMM has three different punch sets for hexagons as another option. This is their combo set but they sell them individually also.


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I have had it a few years , i use it constantly

They were the ones who had the items tiny enough for me. Thanks.

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Good to hear!

@barleeni, What is your method of removing them from the sheet consistently flush and neat?

I’ve used a sharp knife to cut at the base but they’re always slightly canted and none are perfectly consistent. As a result, I only use this for a single bolt head alone and not next to another one.

Hi @kosprueone, sorry for the late reply…… been on holiday and away from the bench. I cut the nuts off with a very sharp chisel type blade, as per image below. Seems to work fine, and cuts square enough. Generally then grip it between some tweezers and run over a sanding board 2-3 times to get it a bit squarer if needed.