Hinging a jeep hood

anyone hinge their jeep hood?

i have 1:24 scale - whew!- Hasegawa jeep and i want the hood to operate.

my thought is photo etch, but if tubing is easier or more reliable i will run with it.

any help appreciated; thanks.

Do you want it to be working or appear working?

To appear working to me a small road scored at a certain length would give the appearance of a hinge. Some paint and light weathering most wont know.

To be working you would need to build a hinge with pe and rod.


Now Robin isn’t that a little out of scale? :laughing:

Just need to reduce it by a factor 24 :grin:

There are a few different PE sets on the market for T-55 fender hinges… You might need to use two for that 1/24 kit. (Glad you’re enjoying them by the way) It would probably be just as easy, and quicker if you count shipping time, to make one from brass shim stock from Hobby Lobby. (Don’t forget that 40% off coupon!) Anneal it well and it roll up nice and tight around a piece of piano wire. I wouldn’t use brass wire as it’s more likely the bend during the process.

thanks. i did order (2) Eduard photo etch sets for the jeeps so i should probably wait and see if there’s any bits i could us.

in all candor, i have absolutely no idea what “T-55 fender hinges” are!

The front end of the fenders on T-55 tanks are hinged so they can be folded up.

Apparently someone makes PE-hinges for the T-55 fenders
The Pz III and IV also had hinged front fenders

S.E. Charles,
Here is something that may help…have a look:

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excellent step x step ; thank you

oh; that photo is very helpful - thanks.