Hinumaru color

What is a good tamiya color match for the red on Japanese rounders, as well as the yellow bands on the wing leading edge? Are tamiya flat yellow and flat red straight good?

The yellow bands on the leading edges is an orange yellow so straight Tamiya flat yellow is too bright . The Hinomaru leans to brown a bit - a darker red. Go to Nick Millman’s
“Aviation of Japan “ site . He is the go to guy for Japanese color .

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Will do! Thanks for the tip.

I have used Gunze Mr Hobby (acrylic) Orange-Yellow and Mr Color Orange-Yellow (lacquer). They look good in my opinion.

Well, maybe… There has been a great deal said about the color of Hinomaru’s and the leading edge ID bands. There likely is only one IJN aircraft in the US that is still in it’s original paint, if not the world in reasonably good condition. The J7W Shinden the NASP holds. See attached shots. The Hinomaru is a screaming red, and the ID band, a somewhat pale yellow.

Note the color compared to the yellow frame supporting the wing.

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Interesting - and yes indeed there are a lot of maybes in this sometimes contentious subject.
This Hayabusa was restored by a group in New Zealand IIRC . It was rebuilt and supposedly all colors matched to the original paint remaining.

I think settle on tamiya flat red with a tiny bit of flat brown to tone them down.

For the yellow maybe flat yellow with a tiny bit of red and dark yellow to tone down

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