HMS Amethyst escape from the Yangtse

HMS Amethest . Black Swan-class sloop of the Royal Navy.

Amethyst was on her way up the Yangste river in China when set upon by the People’s Liberation Army. 1949.

Grounded disabled with many sailors injured or dead.

Commander Kerans was ordered to take charge. He eventually brought her out of the Yangtse one night to as reported to King George “Have rejoined the fleet south of Woosung. No damage. No casualties. God save the King”

King George “splice the main brace”.

The film Yangtse Incident. A superb film which follows in dedication the events. Superbly produced. Amythest was used for some parts but Magpie for most a sister ship.

Superb scenes of a Sunderland sea plane landing & taking off. Some great cameos in the film. Probably one of the most realistic films I have seen of true events having read 3 books written by those on board Amethyst


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Interest then the film. Yangtse Incident £8


Reading this post the old movie “The Sand Pepple” popped in my head.

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“The Sand Pebbles” The “Sand Pebble” was USS San Pablo, a fictional geriatric river gunboat which (IIRC) was a prize from the Spanish-American war. There was a full-size version built for the movie, it’s fate is unknown. There is a link for modelling the San Pablo:



HMS Amethyst. a model was produced but doubt it is now about.

How about that.

She spent WW11 chasing German subs.

She Escaped form the Yangste.

She appeared in her own film.

The scale model was manufactured

Some life the old girl had. She was their to protect.