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Day 4 and the second inspiration for you this one a ship with a long historical past a great build lets see what day 5 brings

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Sorry but you need to check the history attached to the photos as it refers to the wrong HMS Cornflower.

The model is of a Algerine class minesweeper HMS Cornflower. The Cornflower II was an ex river steamer the SS Tai Hing which replaced the Arabis class Cornflower in the description which by 1940 was nothing but a derelict hulk.

HMS Cornflower I is Arabis class serving as headquarters and training ship of HKNVF. She was replaced by SS Tai Hing which renamed HMS Cornflower in 1940. She was scuttled during the battle of Hong Kong in Dec 1941. After the war, Algerine class HMS Lysander was sent to Hong Kong and renamed HMS Cornflower as the headquarters and training ship of HKRNVR (later HKRNR). Therefore, there are 3 ships named Cornflower in history.

Because SS Tai Hing was loan to HKNVF by Sir Robert Ho Tung. The second Cornflower (SS Tai Hing) was actually not owned by Royal Navy. As such, the Arabis class Cornflower usually named Cornflower I and the Algerine class Cornflower named Cornflower II. This is because SS Tai Hing has been forgotten for decades in history until I did research, published a short paper last year and then updated Wiki. Therefore, many books or online resources nowadays still skip Tai Hing and consider the Arabis class Cornflower is the only Cornflower before WWII.

The Algerine class Cornflower was not called Cornflower II, just Cornflower and the description that is with the photos doesn’t even mention the Algerine class.

Example to naming, there have been about 15 Kent’s in the Royal Navy the current one is NOT called HMS Kent 15 it is just HMS Kent.

The I, II or numbering is just added to help distinguishing the ships with same name not meaning part of the actual name. It reflects the number of generation. HMS Kent as an example, the current Kent would sometime be described as 15th Kent, HMS Kent (15th generations) or something like that in books.

However the II is not part of its official name so has no place in any name unless referenced as meaning second generation and as the SS Tai Hing was officially called Cornflower II due to there already being a Cornflower in being, all be it a hulk your ship is III.

SS Tai Hing is not officially called Cornflower II, as said before it is only the generation number. SS Tai Hing was renamed HMS Cornflower but not HMS Cornflower II. Of course, we can see in RN official records stating Cornflower II. But, I have clearly said SS Tai Hing has been forgotten for long time, even in RN, such that many references nowadays still consider the Algerine class Cornflower as second generation (which is actually wrong). Even you are correct she shall be the third but I still keep her as second following the common resources numbering.

The number of generation somehow arguable. Cornflower is not the only example.

As you have said in Royal Navy records the Tai Hing was OFFICIALLY renamed the Cornflower II, weather she has been forgotten or not she was the Cornflower II.
The Algerine class ship was Officially just HMS Cornflower.