HMS Swift Hong Kong Patrol Craft Atlantic Models

Well it has been a long while since I last posted anything on here but I have been lurking around watching
So first resin kit it is small but the details are very fine indeed so here goes.

A neat little ship (boat?..not too sure where boats end and ships start!). :+1: Is there any association between White Ensign PE and Atlantic Models? There’s something familiar about those instructions layout.

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Yes Peter Hall who used to do all the design and PE for White Ensign is the owner and Tea boy of Atlantic he has a lot of the WEM stuff on his site
The way I remember what is boat and ship is this you get into a boat when your ship is sinking :joy:

Added some details to the bridge and had to replace the barrel

Also did some work on the deck cranes

Stay Safe


Keith, this build is coming together fast! You have just completed what is for me the least favorite part - masking and basic painting. Now to add all those delicious details. I’ll be watching with interest!