HMS Tartar 1944-45

A new project. HMS Tartar 1944 maybe 1945. depends on the colour scheme, wheter I go for the late war emergancey destroyer scheme or the simpler overall G45 “Warm light grey” and B20 “medium blue grey”. The fit waas the same

The build will be based on the Atlantic models late war Tribal class, aided by Black Cats upgrade.

The kit parts. The kit odes include both the standard and shorter late war funnel, amd two options for the platform netween the funnels.

The comprehensive etched also in the kit.

The parts for the Black cat set

This book does have a photograph ftom the Imperial War museum colletction of HMS Tartar on 1944 int he lat war emergancy destroyer scheme.

Keel laying should be next weekend, weather and safe navigation permitting, all going well.

Cheers, Si


Glad to see you back at it Si - I always enjoy for your projects.

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Thanks for looking in Richard.

It is good to be back, much appreciated.

Cheers, Si

Great you are back Si and interesting model choice :ok_hand: I will watch with interest :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard Thomas,

It’s good to be back, I hadn’t realised how much I had missed it.

Looking good for the keel laying next weekend.

Cheers, Si

Hi Si,

another great subject - if you ask me, go for the more complex color scheme!
And count me in for the ride!

Looking forward, cheers

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Hi Jan,

Welcome aboard, I am leaning that way, I do have a weird facination with complex cammo, the next one I am going to find soemthing in the stash that has asimpler scheme.

Cheers, Si

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This weekends progress.

Joining the two hull halves

A little warped, but nothing claiming couldn’t fix

The prop shafts and rudder attached, along the 3Dprinted Ammo boxes & capstan.

B Gundeck, wth the lower bridgewings extended, and splinter sheilding cut own, the spliter sheilding around B Gun aslo added along with the 3D printed ammo boxes and a couple of smoke dischargers.

Next job X gundeck, more next weekend,… Hopefully.

Cheers, Si


following with interest, Si :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Russ,

Welcome aboard, Always glad to have you along for the ride. It will be in the late war emegency scheme, as all the photos I have found are in that scheme.

I must find an interest ship with simple came scheme.

Cheers, Si

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You do love a good Camo scheme, Si :smiley:

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That I do Russ,

Must be some form of masochism, I just think a complex camo makes the end result more interesting.

During my absence I have almost 1/350th HMS Kent late 1942 just after the refit hwne she had her Catapult removed and radars fitted. At which point she had a complex four colour scheme, I will post some commissioning pics within the next month or so.

I do have something unusual and civilian in mind. for tthe project after I complete the Kent.

Cheers, Si :smile: :beer:

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Looking forward to seeing HMS Kent, Si :smiley:

Something unusual and civilian with Camo? RMS Olympic in dazzle pattern perchance? :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi Russ,

Not a bad guess, but something a bit earlier than that, 19th Centuary, and no camo schemes will be harmed in that build.

Cheers, Si :zipper_mouth_face:

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This weekend’s progress,

The anchor cables and the latice mast. I used the etched cable, not my favourite, but I had nothing else anywhrere near small enough. The etched mast was folded and test fitted, along with the B gun deck & the forward funnel.

The shortened after funnel with it’s etched parts for the siren platform.

X gun deck with it’s etch, Black cat parts and splinter sheilds added, the splinter sheilds still need their braces adding.

All the main parts test fitted in place.

Next weekend may be a bit busy, so may not get much time at the bench.

Cheers, Si


Following along. Nice to see you back at the bench!

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Hi Rory,

Thanks for looking in.

I hope to post another upade in the next few days.

All the best.


Hi Shipmates,

Some progress over the last few days.

The splinter protection around A and Y guns done.

A coat of Cidadel “Corax White” sprayed on as a primer.

A bit of filling arounfd the port bow.

The main camo on the hull masked and ready for paint.

More soon,




Looking good Si :smiley:

I have to say the hull shape on Atlantic’s kit appears to be so much more accurate than Trumpeter’s attempt.

What are your thoughts?

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Thanks Russ,

She is coming on very nicely. In my opinion, the hull shape is much more accurate than the Trumpeter effort. Not only the sheer on the bow, but the angle and the sharpness.

Another major point in the Atlantic models kit’s favour, it could be built out of the box, with no aditional aftermarket.

Cheers, SI

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