HMS Victory Main Mast Cross Section

I’ve decided to get back into building wooden ship models , haven’t done anything since I stopped working on my HMS Pegasus from victory models , a 1:64 scale model of a Swann class 14gun Sloop of war ,going to finish her but decided on an “Easy” build to get me back into it… :crazy_face:
obligatory box shot

Full sized plan view , model ends up around 75cm tall

Half frames joined and keel and keelson added

building board and progress

after i laid the 1st strakes I decided to go back and remove the 1st strake and add limber boards - It’s how water moves to the pumps in the bilge and is pretty obvious , I’m also adding the Pump Well and Shot Locker for the same reason as the limbe boards


A purveyor of fine wine in my old home town has a built-up one of those on display in their shop, it looks the business.
HMS Victory currently lacks her lower main mast as it has been removed for inspection. It was installed in about 1894 to replace Victory’s wooden mast which had rotted. The replacement mast was made from wrought iron, which had the advantage of being lighter as well as stronger and thus less of a burden for the old ships structure. The lower Fore and Mizzen Masts were similarly replaced, all three masts coming from the decommissioned iron (but unarmoured) frigate HMS Shah. This latter in 1877, along with the wooden corvette HMS Amethyst, fought the rebel Peruvian turret ironclad Huascar. Huascar was captured by the Chilean Navy in 1879 and is still in their possession, a memorial ship with similar status to HMS Victory.



Orlop decks done , so is the Pump Well and Shot locker - used Beech for the deck planks instead of the kit Walnut to break up the “Browness” of the kit but not sure if I like it , might get some Limewood to compare!


Looking good!

Plodding along , interior plankings done to the top of the Orlop/bottom of the Gundeck and exterior plankings done to the bottom of the Main Wale.


And another change of plans😎 , I didn’t like the look of the hold pillars , way too spindly for something supposed to hold up under multiple decks so quick google for some pictures and replaced them with something that looks better👍


Point of no return and the scary part of the build , started to cut out the gunports and entry ports.


I’ve always loved the look of these kits and am definitely following this build. Looking great!

Thanks for taking the time to share and document the work. I’ll be looking forward to your next “installment”!

Main Wale done , going to stain it black with ink - my plan is splashes of colour to contrast with the wood instead of fully painting and covering it!
I may or may not add copper tape to the lower hull but haven’t decided yet.


Hurray another issue with the plans and instructions , this time it’s the main wale , couldn’t figure why the wale and the gunports didn’t line up - I would have had to cut into the wale by one full plank which doesn’t happen till the bow and stern on Victory! ,turns out there’s 1 run of thickstuff too many in the plans ,(not the 1st time this has happened , had the same issue with too many planks in the hold and the bottom planking up to the Wale), got pointed out on a model ship forum I’m on and the plans and references I have confirmed it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Luckily I’ve been using white glue so soaking the plank let me remove it.
start and finish of the process after a few words were said…


Not much progress ,been mainly figuring ways of dealing with the multiple issues that are cropping up - all based around either the wonky half frames or the plans which get worse the further I get in the build :crazy_face:

Did get myself a new tool though! , A Veritas miniature block plane ,works exactly like the full sized one but 1/3rd the size , it’s a wee baby :sunglasses: :rofl:

cuts beautifully and is capable of some very fine shaving :sunglasses:


Nice plane! I’ve got a little one like it, but it’s an X-acto tool, and nowhere as detailed as yours. Hope your build is coming along; I see you haven’t posted in a bit!


Lee Valley’s a great source of quality woodworking tools and my first stop for hand tools when I’m feeling wealthy. Their miniature spoke shave is a real treat if you need to taper masts or yardarms.

Hope you’re still plugging away on your build - wooden ship models can be quite an endurance challenge.


Thanks for that , it’s a great little plane and @colder it works fine for tapering masts too , used it to taper the bottom of the main mast :+1:
I’m putting the cross section on hold for awhile or I’d be chucking it at the wall - so many issues with the plans and instructions!
The issues with the half frames were worse than I initially thought , Not only are they not square to each other and different sizes one of them is bowed inward in the middle vertically which makes it sooo fun to plank inboard and fit decks!
I’m going to go back to working on a full ship model I stopped a few years ago ,Victory models Hms Pegasus ,got up to coppering the hull and needed a break!
hopeful end result :sunglasses: :rofl: :rofl: