HMS Warspite build

this is what I have so far, stalled out on this build after I realized that the White Ensign PE kit I purchased is useless for the Trumpeter 1:350 kit. looks good anyway so I decided to lay aside all my intricate plans to add all the PE to this kit. I found PE railing for the kit for $22.00 and will go with that . Posting here so no one makes the same mistake I did. :grinning:

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clean transition from deck to bulkheads, no overspray or glue spooge, kind of proud of that :grin:

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It’s all looking very good so far!

trying to fabricate the chain locker pipe, any ideas on what to use?


I am willing to give The White Ensign photo etch to someone for free if i can be reassured that I will be compensated for shipping . Nice set that is intact.

Interested to hear why you think the WEM photo-etch is useless for the Trumpeter kit. Especially as I have that kit and that PE in the stash.

its designed for the Academy kit. I checked the fit after reading about someone else having issues.Size issues etc.

Thanks for the info.

In retrospect I should have bought the Academy kit, shame since out of the box the Trump kit has nice detail . You can have my PE set if you would like its intact other than 2 supports. I tried to use the funnel grates etc, did not match up with the stack diameter…too big. I suppose some of the PE is useful for my kit. I gave up on it. Model ships are very difficult for me, this being my 1st surface ship.

I really admire the work you guys have done on the large complicated ship models, very inspiring. the prospect of the ship railing scares me :grimacing: I am going to order the prem double sided railing from Toms, should be easier for a bootcamp grad like me.

@AOE4 looks to me like your HMS Warspite is coming along very well!

HMS Warspite is one of my favorite British ships from both world wars!.

'Evening David - if no one has claimed the WEM photo-etch for the WARSPITE yet, I could give it a good home - with compensation for postage.


Chris Preston
Victoria, BC

I so admire the tradition of the HMS Warspite. At the battle of Jutland…if I recall correctly, the rudder of the Warspite had been hit by enemy fire. so there they were, trying to withdraw. they could only steer in large circles and thus subjected to enemy broadside as they came round. such a terrible situation yet the ship held up, the crew repaired the damage and carried on. I serve on a warship, did nothing extraordinary, yet we were well trained to react. That tradition In the USN has been provided from the British fleet. Nice!

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you have it. not sure how to proceed from here, private messaging? not sure how to yet at kit maker.

Hi David,

Are you still serving? I served in the RCN as a reservist for 44 years, retiring in 2013 - still miss the Navy. I was also a police officer for 25 years…miss the Navy more. As for HMS WARSPITE, she had quite the history. Her “legendary steering gremlins” plagued her for most of her service life, but during the Battle of Jutland, her steering gear breakdown actually helped save an RN armoured cruiser that had come under very damaging fire from the German fleet. Merry Christmas to you.




Very nice paint work on the hull and superstructure.

Mark :beer: