HO Adler Trumpf Junior Cars, Pigeons, Telephone Box and Military, and N Clamshell Crane | RailRoad Modeling

ARTITEC has been busy and the following are models for many interests.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://railroadmodeling.net/news/adler-trumpf-junior-cars-pigeons-telephone-box-military-and-more-from-artitec
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New H0 1:87

Adler Trumpf Junior cabriolimousine hood closed

Adler Trumpf Junior Sport

Adler Trumpf Junior sedan

Dutch PTT green phone booth

Pigeon coop kit

Chip shop kit

Truck cargo back in stock

Cargo “coal bags” DAF flatbed truck

63mm x 23 mm

Cargo: bricks on pallets 70 x 23 mm

Cargo “barrels” for DAF flatbed truck

63mm x 23 mm

Cargo fruit crates

Cargo: fishing crates

Plastic fish crates kit

Adler Trumpf Junior cabriolimousine hood open

Production 1934–1941.

Ford Model AA US Mail

Ford Model AA flatbed hay load

The hay load is not glued to the flabed and can be removed.

Ford Model AA dump truck

Ford Model AA with cover Muskator

German Trinkhalle

Complete with interior.

Military H0 1:87

BRD M88 Bergepanzer Flecktarnung Eisenbahntransport

IDF Centurion Sho’t Kal 1973

Military H0 1:87

US M3A1 halftrack personnel carrier

New highly detailed version.

Bundeswehr Bergepanzer 2 kit

Ford Model AA open bed truck dark blue

Small truck cargo: countryside (25mm x 14mm)

New figure sets H0 1:87

Trackworkers with burn barrel

Dutch NS conductors on platform 1980s

Dutch NS conductors on train 1980s

Milkmen with customers 40s-60s

Suitable for our Spijkstaal ‘Melkunie’ delivery vehicles, among other things.

Farmers in the field

Waiting cyclists

Dutch postmen

Postmen on bicycles + post box

Back in stock kit H0 1:87

Plow, kit

Acrobat hay tedder, kit

Back in stock ready-made H0 1:87

Tractor Fordson with front loader

Old wooden sleepers

Lifebuoy on pole

Back in stock N 1:160

Dolberg crane kit

Welding equipment

GMC 353 Pinder Circus

Alpenkreuzer pop-up camper open

Alpenkreuzer pop-up camper closed

Z 1:220

Hanomag K5 Laderaupe open + figure