Hobby Boss 1/35 White 666 truck

Hi all, here my version of the Hobby Boss White 666 truck. Almost OOB with the add of some scratch details, and Panzer Art wheels, to avoid the rubber ones.

Hope you like it. Regards


Interesting. Not very familiar with this vehicle except that it is big. I’ll keep watching.

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A small update, adding wiring and scratch batteries. Start the box details too.



Hi Álvaro,
That primer you use looks terrific - please inform the modeling world what (metallic?) paint that is!

HiPeter , I use the Krylon flat black. Dry in minutes to handle, but usually I left it overnight
I shot from 12 inches away.not problem with little over spray, dry flat and even. I not sure if this can it’s the last version of this paint, but it’s the one that you can get here.

Hi, the box it’s primed and one layer of paint.
As Tamiya OD 23 ml looks too green, add 50% of XF 59. Much better IMHO


One step beyond

Uploading: IMG_20210503_145550.jpg…

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Hi there, some weathering started.

Regards, Álvaro


This is looking cool, love those Panzer Art tires!

Thanks, yes they look so good. Only find a small flash in only one wheel.

Truck finished, hope you like it.



Very nicely done. Must have been a devil of a build.

Great job Alvaro. Nice job all around especially the finish

Very nice looking build Alvaro! I’ve been curious to see one of these built up, looks better than the box art portrays.

Cajun :crocodile:

Thanks guys,
18Bravo Not really that much, but it took me longer than expected. Anyway, I got into trouble myself, opening and detailing parts … as the saying goes, scabies with pleasure does not itch hehehe
Richard, I try not to get too messy. Thanks for your comment
Terry, If the company changes the box, I will ask them to include you. thank you for your words