Hobby Boss: Big Scale PzKpfw. 38(t) | Armorama™

Hobby Boss opens the year with the announcement of this 1/16 scale kit.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/hobby-boss-big-scale-pzkpfw--38-t

I already built the Panzer 38 a few years agoe . A nice kit but not new.
Panzer 38 (t) #20 (640x480)

Yes, Hobby Boss has purchased the molds, so this is a re-release of the Panda 1/16 38(t). And given that they haven’t added anything to the Tristar kits they’ve re-released, I expect this should be exactly the same as the original Panda kit.

You’r right I was going by the box art , it’s the same.
Nice kit anyway , just wonder how much it is.

Good I was gutted as by I got the urge to build this the Panda kit it had become rocking horse poo ti find.


Turns out the Hobby Boss rebox now includes the interior.

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