Hobby Boss: BMD-2 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle | Armorama™

Hobby Boss shares built-up photos of its recent 1/35 scale release.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/hobby-boss-bmd-2-airborne-infantry-fighting-vehicle

This kit was listed at HLJ for $126, there is no way, given the size of the actual vehicle that it could be worth that price. But I suppose that someone needs to build it.

Per Scalemates…

27€ or ~$30 is definitely more appealing…maybe the Hobby Link Japan price isn’t accurate.


Ex Panda kit?

God forbid!

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The box art is the same, it could very well be.

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x-Panda Models?

download (7)

…and quickly too!


According to https://1999.co.jp/eng/10309098 even the decals seem to be of the same vehicles. Only difference I can see are 2 new PE frets.

What’s your alternative? Zvezda? Skif? Are you saying those are kits one should run to embrace?


In my opinion it is the Panda Models kit. Everything is the same down to the decals. I built it and added the Eduard etch set, it didn’t turn out too badly really though I nearly topped myself doing the tracks.

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I’ve been looking for the Eastern Express BTR-D, with no luck, and was hoping this may be the precursor to a new line of kits. I’ll keep looking…

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I don´t know why are you pitfull with Panda kits. I really think that are good models. Here´s mine.

It was nice and easy to build. The only downfall were the stupid idea to make the separate guide horn for the individual tracks, but just replace them for a Masterclub ones and everything go very well.

Just my two cents…


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The price differences seem insane. Hopefully as mistake by HLJ though I have seen some questionable pricing by them in the past. :thinking:

That’s a nice job on that kit. Looks really nice

Nice job on your kit too Dan. Cool little vehicle.