Hobby boss, Jackal 1, should be 2

After the Vulcan started this.


you are the first person i have build this kit, so I’m interested in seeing how you get on

The suspension is fun to get right, same for each corner,
it’s finding were parts connect to framework, especially the bottom wishbone has to go in as one.


i have this in my stash along with the accurate armour version and possibly i might build one of them lol

but the suspension looks like a PITA

Yes, their “Jackel 1” is a Jackel 2. I am awaiting their “Jackel 2” as it appears to be a proper Jackel 1.

They seem to have bad copy editors. Go figure…

Build the hobby boss first, then you will find were, everything goes for the AA kit.

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Some more work, some very small parts that my fat fingers fallout with. They need fitting as needed to swivel the racks of water and fuel.

It all comes apart, for painting.


Just picked up the new “Jackal 2” kit and I am happy to report that it is indeed a lovely…“Jackal 1”!

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somebody must have lost a bead on their abacus and invented new mathematics,
0, 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 …

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That thing reminds me of the long range desert group vehicles from World War II. I wonder how they will evolve post Afghanistan.

Hmm. Expensive kit. Vinyl tires. Too bad.

Bad news. The middle fighting compartment on the “Jackal 2” (actually the Jackal 1) is wrong as it is basically the same as the real Jackel 2. The Jackal 1 should have a third seat in the middle but the kit does not. It also has the same gunner’s platform and does not have the framing that supports the gin ring. It just sits on the kevlar side panels. Also they reused the Jackal 2 radio setup.

Lots of work…

Here’s an AA version I prepared earlier. As regards the suspension: I just followed the instructions.
Really looking forward to building the plastic version.


I’ll just stick it in the stash and let it “mature” while I wait for an aftermarket correction set …

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That is a Jackal 2 with the 2 forward facing middle seats. The Jackal 1 should have a single rear facing seat on the raised platform/engine cover. Unfortunately the kit of the Jackal 1 (misnamed “Jackal 2”) has no seat at all in the middle position.

Correction to my earlier post. The third seat is in the floor not the raised platform.

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