Hobby Boss Jackal 2

Aloha everyone!!!

Just wondering if anyone has interior pics of the Jackal 2 specifically the radio sets right behind the front seats?

Thank you in advance!!!

This is an Estonian JAckal2 in Mali, thanks to Frenchy for finding this.

Nice, very nice shots thank you William!!! And as always Frenchy too :laughing: What I didn’t even know Estonia had them

You’re welcome guys :wink:


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They are on loan from the British military until they get the Coyotes.

Here’s another Estonian loaned Jackals in Mali (1 out of the 4 they have deployed there) :



Just found another view (from this thread Jackal 2 Pics - AFV Modern - Britmodeller.com):

(If you right-click and open the photo in a new tab, you’ll get rid of the watermark…)

Similar, but larger view here


Thanks for these photos, they will be helpful!

You’re welcome Bill ! More pics can be found (and downloaded) here :


In this first photo from Frenchy it looks like that driver is good and stuck. :frowning_face:

So has anyone figured out if the HB Jackal is a 2, a 1, or some hybrid thereof? I don’t think I’ve seen how that debate played out.

Did you see this earlier thread ?



Thanks again Frenchy, harvested.

from my view it’s a 2

Yessir, that’s why I was asking - the thread just kind of petered off.