Hobby Boss: Leopard C2 MBT | Armorama™

Take a look at what's in the box for this recent 1/35 scale release from Hobby Boss.

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Oh my… Well I don’t have one of them… Yet…

I want it real bad but it seems very expensive for what it is. I’ve seen prices around $80-100 USD seems absurd to me considering the base hobby boss kit is around $40-50

Ouch… I had a quick scan for prices on this side of the pond- coming out at about £50- $70(ish…)

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Interesting to see the number of C2A1 kits that just hit the market. Granted, it’s a beautiful tank and that TWMP looks very cool! It’s a shame Tamiya doesn’t make a 2A4M or a 2A6M (or some Canadian figures for that matter.)